Saira specialises in treating skin care concerns with advanced products and techniques.

“I want to acheive the best results, quickly for my clients. I think relaxing and pampering facials have their place, but I feel it is important to use this time primarily to really focus on skin health. I suffered from acne as a young adult and really understand how it feels, physically and emotionally. We are bombarded with so much advertising, that it can be difficult to know where to turn. I try and educate my clients the basics of how to care for their skin health, and how to adapt as it changes.

Many of my clients are mainly concerned with aging skin, which is why I have trained to carry out ACCOR Plasma treatments. Being able to achieve incredible and permanent results that do not effect facial expressions and muscle movement is very exiting!

I first got into beauty by wanting to help people through massage. My dad is disabled and back massages gave him much needed relief. I love to be able to help relieve peoples pain, stress and anxieties… even if for a short time. This is how I like to approach the beauty industry.” – Saira


Saira has trained with Dermalogica for over 10 years to gain much experience treating all skin types and problems, reaching Expert Status in 2013 .What is a Dermalogica Expert?

“A Dermalogica Expert skin therapist has been intensively trained to the highest level with a combination of practical, theory and online learning throughout a three-tiered Dermalogica education programme. Each tier elevates confidence and skills whilst working towards this revered Expert status. Dermalogica Experts are known globally as a reliable source of applied skin care knowledge and expertise and can deliver highly personalised advice and treatments. Experts can be completely trusted with your skin health – a true Personal Skin Therapist.

Expert knowledge equips your personal skin therapist with the skills to not only carry out solutions orientated treatments that get you results, but also to help ensure you can maintain these results at home.” – Dermalogica

“Your skin is part of the face you present to the world. Why trust it to anyone else?”


Saira has also trained with CACI. The most well known and trusted brand of ‘non surgical’ technology.

“With state of the art design, and incorporating the latest advancements in electronics, CACI International treatment systems are at the forefront of aesthetic treatment technology.

Our continuing investment into research and development enables us to create exciting new and exclusive technologies that deliver dramatic results without the need for surgery or invasive procedures.” – CACI International